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    There is a local zoning authority here looking for model language to put in a code for an overlay industrial district that borders BUT DOES NOT INCLUDE a greenway trail. They are looking for language about what features in the district to keep away or ...

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    APBP Community: TIAs and how to approach them when counts cannot be taken during pandemic.  Here are my first thoughts: Collect traffic, pedestrian, and bicycle counts when pandemic has subsided and traffic conditions have normalized, or Historical ...

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    Thank you Ross. It took many years for me to understand the privilege that I possess as an able-bodied white man in society - this is generally not something that is taught among members of the privileged class. Yet white people have the greatest responsibility ...

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    I know I'm replying to an old thread, but I can't be the only one here who sees the extreme hooking hazard created by those intersection treatments?  This is why the NYCDoT created the proven safe (1 or 2 fatalities in millions of bicycle miles traveled) ...

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