Mr. Michael Flynn


A nationally recognized leader in urban mobility, Mike has devoted the past 20 years to helping communities envision and implement transportation systems that support equity, climate action, economic development, and resilience.  At Sam Schwartz he leads the firm's integrated planning and strategic planning practice, delivering rigorous, cutting-edge solutions to a range of complex challenges for cities and transit agencies.  Mike offers complementary experience in multi-modal transportation policy and planning, organizational change, data analytics, and communications.  His strategic planning work draws on both his technical background in transportation as well as his decade of service at New York City DOT spearheading and implementing innovative new design, process, and technology practices.  Mike is active in developing and sharing best practices in the industry through NACTO, TRB, APBP, ITE, and APA, and offers an extensive industry network of experts, resources, and best practices to draw from.